Lee Roberson

Lee Roberson

Dr. Lee Roberson is known and respected for the more than 40 years he was greatly used of God as pastor of Highland Park Baptist Church and president and chancellor of Tennessee Temple Schools in Chattanooga, TN.

He was born near English, IN on November 24, 1909. The family soon moved to Louisville, KY where he graduated from the University of Louisville and then finished his degree at Southern Baptist Seminary. When Lee was 14 he attended Sunday School, and there Mrs. Daisy Hawes gave the gospel to the boys. Two weeks later he received Christ as his Savior!

At age 18, God called him into full-time service. He served as pastor in Germantown, TN; Temple Baptist Church in Green Brier, TN; and First Baptist Church of Fairfield, AL before becoming pastor of Highland Park Baptist Church in 1942. During the time of pastoring in Green Brier he met with a famous music professor at the Nashville Conservatory of Music, Gaetano Salvatore de Luca. When Professor de Luca heard Dr. Roberson sing, he offered him music lessons and a contract; however, Lee decided not to accept, convinced that pursuit of a music career was not God’s call upon his life.

While in evangelistic ministry in Birmingham, AL, he met Caroline Allen and they were married October 9, 1937. They had four children: Lee Anne, Joy, John and June. Baby Joy was just nine weeks old when she suddenly passed away (in 1946). That heartbreaking time for Dr. and Mrs. Roberson led to his taking Romans 8:28 as his life verse and became the inspiration for establishing Camp Joy. Highland Park Baptist began providing free camp for boys and girls. As many as three thousand would attend each summer, and through the years many thousands were saved. The theme for the camp was “Where Boys and Girls Begin to Live.”

On July 3, 1946, Highland Park voted unanimously to begin a school to train preachers. Tennessee Temple Schools had begun.

He served as pastor of Highland Park until April of 1983, thus completing more than 40 years as its spiritual leader. Dr. and Mrs. Roberson then traveled to churches around America until her death in 2005.

An email with the subject, “Dr. Lee Roberson, home with the Lord” was sent by his son John. “This morning, April 29, at 4:45 a.m., my dad, Dr. Lee Roberson went home to be with his Lord and Savior.”

This man of impeccable character, strong convictions and powerful preaching became a model for Christians everywhere. To God be the glory!

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