Evan Roberts
1878 – 1950

Evan Roberts, leader of the Welsh revival, worked in coal mines, but he walked in the heavenlies. Never without his Bible, he prayed and wept for eleven years for revival in Wales. He entered the preparatory school for the ministry at Newcastle Emlyn when about twenty-six. He never finished. Compelled by the Holy Spirit he returned in November, 1904, to his home village of Loughor to tell of Christ. And fire fell.

Evan did not preach, he led the meetings, praying, “Plyg ni, O Arglwydd!” — “Bend us, O Lord,” and urging, “Obey the Holy Spirit…Obey!” The Calvinistic Methodist Church was moved until all Loughor became a praying, praising multitude. Taverns were emptied, brothels were closed, the churches were filled daily. Fire spread until all Wales was brought in repentence to its knees at the cross.

Roberts’ life ministry was burned out in the short months of the 1904-05 Welsh Revival. Broken in health, he retired from public view for the remaining half-century of his life.

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