F.B. Meyer

Frederick Brotherton Meyer
1847 – 1929

F. B. Meyer, English Baptist clergyman, was born in London and educated at Brighton College. Between 1870-95 he held several successful pastorates. Between the years 1872-74 he met D. L. Moody and introduced him to the British churches.

During much of Meyer’s ministry he engaged in social work and temperance work. He headed a movement to close saloons, was the force in closing nearly five thousand brothels, and labored for the reclamation of released prisoners.

In 1904-05 he served as president of the National Federation of Free Churches; and thereafter, was evangelist for that organization. He conducted missions for them in South Africa and the far east. For many years he was closely associated with the Keswick Conferences.

F. B. Meyer died in his eighty-second year.

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