Mordecai Ham
1878 – 1959

More than 33,000 conversions were reported during the first year of evangelist Mordecai Ham’s ministry. As a result of his city-wide crusades and evangelistic crusades in churches, more than 300,000 new converts joined Baptist churches in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, and the Carolinas in a period of thirty years 404 Not Found

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The author of the amendment for prohibition stated that Billy Sunday and Mordecai Ham had nearly put the saloons out of business. A close observer wrote concerning him: “He exalts Christ and fights sin with all his might … there is no middle ground in his campaigns. Under his preaching I have seen murderers saved, drunkards converted, homes reunited, and men and women dedicate their lives for special service.”

Billy Graham was converted under Mordecai Ham’s preaching.